April 18, 2024
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Imminent launch of Wandering Sword, the Wuxia-style RPG

Spiral Up Games and The Swordman Studio have released the exciting launch trailer for Wandering Sword, a Wuxia-style RPG coming to PC via Steam on September 15 for $24.99. Additionally, players will be able to take advantage of a special 12 percent discount during the first week of launch.

Wandering Sword offers a unique RPG experience that beautifully combines pixel art with the deep appeal of ancient Chinese martial arts culture. Immerse yourself in the exciting narrative of a young swordsman entangled in a dispute. Explore an expansive world illustrated through stunning pixel art, from bustling cities to picturesque landscapes. Bond with other martial artists, help those in need, and hone a wide variety of martial arts and weapons skills. Step into your destiny and set out on the path to becoming the legendary Wuxia master you are destined to be.

Fans of RPGs and Wuxia culture now have an exciting date on September 15 with the release of Wandering Sword on Steam. Don’t miss the opportunity to become a martial arts master in this pixelated world full of adventures and challenges!

Fountain: Gematsu

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