June 24, 2024
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“Sympathy Kiss” is coming to Nintendo Switch on February 27, 2024 in North America and Europe

The Otome Visual NovelSympathy Kiss” will be released for Nintendo Switch on February 27, 2024 in North America and Europe, according to the announcement from Idea Factory International, the game’s publisher. It will be available in both physical and digital formats and will include Japanese voices with English subtitles. Additionally, the contents of the limited edition were revealed, which will include a copy of the game, a hardcover art book, an audio drama and the official soundtrack, a company travel tumbler, an Estario stationery set, a reversible sleeve, a collector’s box and an exclusive card.

The otome visual novel “Sympathy Kiss” was first released for Nintendo Switch on November 17, 2022 in Japan. The plot focuses on Akari Amasawa, who works as a designer at Estario, a mobile application development company. Although she doesn’t hate her job, she also doesn’t feel a deep passion for it. After her annual performance review, she is offered the opportunity to join Estarci’s team. The company’s eponymous app, Estarci, is a news app that made a big impact upon its launch, but has lagged behind other rival apps, including those run by Estario.

Management has decided to give the app one last chance before shutting it down forever, and Akari and all her new coworkers must do their best to save it from being deleted. Will Akari find true love? Will she discover what she wants to do in life? Will the application be closed? Is it possible that Akari was only given this opportunity because the company was looking for an excuse to fire her? Business and pleasure mix in “Sympathy Kiss,” a thrilling office romance and slice-of-life drama!

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