April 18, 2024
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WitchSpring R Coming to Nintendo Switch in Spring 2024: A Magical Collecting and Training Adventure

Pixmain, the publisher, and Kiwi Walks, the developer, have announced that they will launch WitchSpring R for the Nintendo Switch in spring 2024. This game, which already debuted on PC through Steam on September 26, promises to bring a captivating story of a witch pursued by warriors to the Nintendo console.

Game Description: WitchSpring R is a story-based RPG that combines elements of training, collection, and exploration. The plot follows a witch pursued by warriors, offering players the opportunity to enjoy both collecting magical ingredients and facing warriors and monsters outside the home, as well as training and fusing magical ingredients at home.

Featured Details:

  • Magic Adventure: Immerse yourself in the story of a witch hunted by warriors in this story-driven RPG.
  • Collection and Exploration: Away from home, enjoy collecting magical ingredients, facing warriors and monsters, and developing stories with various characters.
  • Personalized training: At home, train your own witch by scheduling training sessions and fusing magical ingredients collected in the field.
  • Player Decisions: The Witch’s End is enriched by the player’s choices and the witch’s growth.

Scheduled for release in spring 2024 on the Nintendo Switch, WitchSpring R will offer players the opportunity to live a magical and immersive experience, where the player’s decisions and the witch’s development will impact the outcome of the story. Get ready for a unique adventure full of magic and strategic decisions!

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