April 18, 2024
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“Fight Crab 2” launches in Early Access for PC on February 13, 2024

Publisher PLAYISM and developer Calappa Games have announced the upcoming release of “Fight Crab 2“, the highly anticipated sequel to the crustacean combat action game. Scheduled to be released in Early Access for PC via Steam on February 13, 2024, the game promises an experience full of even more exciting confrontations between crabs.

In “Fight Crab 2,” players immerse themselves in intense crustacean wrestling matches, flipping their opponents to claim victory. The sequel features the exciting Career Mode, which allows players to raise and customize their own gladiator crabs. These custom crustaceans can then participate in online multiplayer battles, taking on crabs from around the world in epic showdowns.

The game expands on the features of its predecessor by introducing the “Modern” control option, offering a control scheme closer to that of a third-person action game. Additionally, live narration is incorporated as an additional way to keep players in tune with the action.

Crabs can now learn skills that allow them to perform certain actions automatically, making “Fight Crab 2” easier to learn and play. In this distant world, the ultimate entertainment is Fight Crab, a combat sport where crustaceans fight to see who can flip the other the fastest and reign supreme. Crabs are immortal gladiators and the ultimate expression of fighters. No matter how much damage they take, they will never fall, making them perfect undying warriors.

“Fight Crab 2” offers a unique gaming experience by combining the invulnerable body of the crab with the unlimited cunning of the human being. Use weapons, spells and skills to build your own fighting style, and climb the ranks to become champion. Grow alongside your crab as you rise through the Crab League. Gain skills, weapons, and improve your stats as you advance your crab’s career. Win ranked matches to climb the rankings, fight in exhibitions against formidable opponents like a farm tractor or a giant monster, or eliminate evil crabs in the name of justice in Event Battles to make the public notice you.

Once you’ve raised a crab, you can take it against other players in online matches, or pass on its skills to another crab starting their own career. The fighting arena awaits, get ready for the epic crab battle in “Fight Crab 2”!

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