February 28, 2024
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Mediascape launches quasi-3D action RPG Touhou Shoujo: Tale of Beautiful Memories for PlayStation 4

Mediascape has announced the launch of Touhou Shoujo: Tale of Beautiful Memories, a quasi-3D action RPG developed by The N Main Shop, for PlayStation 4 through the PlayStation Store, available for $29.99. The game originally debuted on PC via Steam and DLsite on August 22, 2019, followed by the release on Switch on September 29, 2022.

Explore Gensoukyou in this pixelated action RPG

In Touhou Shoujo: Tale of Beautiful Memories, players will embark on a journey through an isometric, pixelated version of Gensoukyou, taking on the role of Reimu Hakurei and other characters. The rich variety of terrain in Gensoukyou is presented in a quasi-3D format, allowing players to explore every corner of this game world.

Key features of the game according to the store description:

  • Explore Gensoukyou in this quasi-3D action RPG.
  • Use jump and run buttons, attacks and special equipment to access various locations.
  • Engage in battles using quick action commands to accumulate power and defeat enemies.
  • Control eight different characters, each with a unique fighting style.
  • Find allies and enemies as you unravel the truth behind the incident.
  • Follow divergent routes to discover different aspects of Touhou characters.

Available on PlayStation 4 for $29.99

Touhou Shoujo: Tale of Beautiful Memories is now available for purchase on PlayStation 4 through the PlayStation Store, allowing players to immerse themselves in this pixelated world and discover the secrets that Gensoukyou has to offer.

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