February 28, 2024
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Demo of Aeruta, the dungeon exploration and bakery management RPG, now available on Steam for PC

Publisher Gravity Game Arise and developer FromDawn have announced that the demo for the RPG Aeruta, which combines dungeon crawling and bakery management, is now available on PC via Steam. Unlike the demo previously shown at gaming events, this version on Steam features new features including a new plot, a city and new friends, in addition to side-scrolling action sequences, bakery management and labyrinth exploration. 2D.

Key details of Aeruta: exploration, action and management of bakeries in a forgotten world

The game immerses us in a world where bread is gradually being forgotten. The story is triggered when the main character, Chaia, accidentally causes an explosion in a ruined town, forcing her to stay in an unknown location with the owner of a small shop, Effie, to rebuild her bakery. The delicious aroma of bread, almost forgotten, becomes the focus of the plot.

Players must collect materials in various areas, using weapons and skills to make their way through mazes. With multiple weapons and unique skill trees, you’ll be able to customize your playstyle. Bakery management is also crucial, as you’ll need to sell bread and arrange shelves to maximize profits. Keep the floor clean or you could lose money.

With the power of bread, new possibilities open up. Develop the desert city, meet new friends and improve recipes to have a high-level store. Aeruta is scheduled to launch in Early Access for PC via Steam in the spring, followed by a full release in the fall. Get ready to immerse yourself in this world of action, exploration and delicious bread!

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