February 28, 2024
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Mithril Interactive announces Dungeonborne, a first-person dungeon exploration game for PC

Developer Mithril Interactive has revealed Dungeonborne, an exciting first-person dungeon crawler exploration game for PC (Steam). Although a release date has not yet been announced, players will have the opportunity to try out a limited-time open alpha during Steam Next Fest: February 2024, which will be available from February 2 to 12.

Evolved Dungeon Exploration

Dungeonborne features a dungeon crawling experience where players join together in small groups or play alone to search for treasure in a gloomy, gothic environment overrun by monsters and other adventurers. Tactical astuteness, team composition, and understanding of the terrain will all contribute to success, as adventurers take on dangerous situations armed only with a sword and a dream.

Innovative Mechanics and Unique Features

The game goes beyond traditional dungeon crawler mechanics by introducing the “extraction” mechanic, giving players the option to end their adventure and safely secure their loot, or venture further to obtain more at the cost of lose everything if they perish. This mechanic is complemented by the addition of a safe zone that shrinks over time, adding a layer of battle royale pressure and influencing decision-making as adventurers attempt to escape with their loot.

The game includes a variety of highly specialized player classes, from traditional fantasy classes like Rogue and Priest to more specialized options like Pyromancer and Cryomancer. Environmental strategy is also key, using altitude, shadows and traps to gain advantages, as well as the ability to transform into a imitation chest and ambush greedy opponents.

Immersive Environment and Gothic Aesthetics

Dungeonborne is set in a grim medieval world with gothic towers and monsters hiding in dark corners. Players will enter an abandoned kingdom with a personality of its own, where the dead rise to protect the treasures and riches that players seek. The game features environments crafted in Unreal Engine 5, providing a stunning visual experience.

Immersion is intensified with stereoscopic spatial audio, creating subtle, almost illusory sounds such as footsteps, the creaking of a door, and other background sounds. Attentive players will be able to notice these auditory cues, and sharp minds will use them to their advantage.

Variety of Characters and Advanced Systems

Dungeonborne offers a variety of classes and races to choose from, allowing players to combine different archetypes and experiment with team compositions as they venture through the game. In addition to the traditional classes, there are more specialized options, such as the Cryomancer, Swordmaster, Pyromancer, and Death Knight, each with unique abilities and styles.

The game also incorporates advanced crafting and upgrade systems that allow players to upgrade the loot they acquire, expanding character building options. The in-game auction house allows players to sell and buy items, providing opportunities to accumulate wealth and prepare for future adventures.

Open Test during Steam Next Fest

Players interested in experiencing Dungeonborne will be able to participate in an open alpha during Steam Next Fest, which begins on February 2 and continues until February 12. Those looking to learn more about the open alpha can visit the official Dungeonborne Steam page.

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