February 28, 2024
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STARNAUT, the roguelike action game, will launch in Early Access for PC via Steam on February 14

STARNAUT, the roguelike action game, will launch in Early Access for PC via Steam on February 14, developer crim announced. Sawaki Takeyasu, founder of crim, commented in a press release that the continued progression and evolution of STARNAUT, along with improvements, is underway until the official launch. Takeyasu also noted that Early Access gives Steam users the exciting opportunity to see and experience their latest creation with feedback from players.

STARNAUT It is presented as an easy to control roguelike action game. Players can choose their weapon and immerse themselves in the thrill of destroying an infinite number of enemies. The game’s premise places players in the role of Starnaut, an astronaut on a solo space expedition after humanity is extinct and Earth is doomed. The mission is to land in areas within the multiverse, eliminate incoming enemies, use coins to upgrade equipment, launch Omega rockets, and collect lost data from Earth.

The game features five main missions, including landing in areas within the multiverse, eliminating enemies, using coins to upgrade equipment, launching Omega rockets, and collecting lost data from Earth. Players can use coins earned from defeating enemies to purchase weapons or upgrade their spacesuit in SHOPNAUT.

Additionally, STARNAUT includes additional items such as gacha capsules, jumping platforms, and even hot springs to improve basic skills before starting a level. Strategy and constant improvement are key, and the game encourages beginners to start by defeating a few enemies and reaching the shop to upgrade weapons and outfits before taking on the incoming horde.

The Early Access release will provide players with the opportunity to actively participate in the game’s development, providing valuable feedback to the developers as they explore the exciting and chaotic universe of STARNAUT.

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