June 24, 2024
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Snowcastle Games releases new cinematic trailer for Earthlock 2

Snowcastle Games releases a new cinematic trailer for Earthlock 2, featuring new screenshots and information about how the RPG will allow you to transform arid deserts into oases full of life and control customizable vehicles called “Desert Ships.”

Although work on Earthlock 2 first began in 2019, development didn’t go in the direction we wanted and we had to take a break to refresh our core vision.“Bendik Stang, game director and co-founder of Snowcastle Games, said in a press release. “Having done that work behind the scenes and with the restarted development moving forward fantastically, we’re thrilled to reintroduce Earthlock 2 to the world with our new trailer and are very excited to share details about Desert Ships and our dynamic biomes with our wonderful community who’ve been waiting. patiently information about the next entry in the Earthlock series“.

In Earthlock 2, you, along with a group of travelers, find yourself on the brink of danger and glory. A vast desert of mystery and possibility awaits you to explore and transform it into an oasis full of life. You will explore this world with your trusty Desert Ship. The ship begins as a humble means of transportation, but with time and effort, it will become your mobile base of operations and strike fear into your enemies in the desert. Rise to become the most formidable explorer in Umbra!

Earthlock 2 features a dynamic ecosystem simulator that causes the game world to change over time and respond to the player’s actions. The Kor Desert will be your canvas that you can paint with new life, bringing color and vitality to the world. This new life will mean new dangers and challenges for you to face and each biome will have different requirements when it comes to nurturing it to reach its full potential. However, doing so will be worth it, thanks to the riches and treasures you will receive to help you on your adventure.

Those rewards will fuel your Desert Ship, the vehicle that will be key to your Earthlock 2 experience. This customizable artifact is a means of transportation, a mobile base, and a weapon that will become a reflection of your journey as you grow and grow it. you update it over time. Adapt it to your play style, recruit adventurers to join your crew, equip it with advanced technologies that provide resistance to adverse elements and equip it with utilities that will help you survive in the unforgiving desert.

Earthlock 2 is in development for consoles and PC (Steam). A release date has not yet been announced.

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