February 28, 2024
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Capcom reveals new trailer and information about Dragon’s Dogma II

Capcom has released a new trailer, information and screenshots for Dragon’s Dogma IIintroducing the new Warfarer Vocation exclusive to the Arisen, which can access all weapons, as well as a mysterious threat that affects the Arisen’s loyal Pawn companions, the Vocation Masters who grant the Arisen access to higher-order abilities, and new action gameplay.


The Warfarer is a new Vocation exclusive to the Arisen that can use all weapons and learn different skills from each Vocation. Using a variety of weapons, the Warfarer can respond to any situation and create combos that cross vocational boundaries. The Warfarer’s lower base stats require them to utilize the situational strengths of different weapon types to keep up with other Vocations with specialized strengths.


Dragonsplague is a contagious, disease-like disease that infects pawns as they travel between worlds. Rather than weakening, Pawns with the disease are said to display remarkable performance and become conspicuously bold in their speech and behavior. According to legend, when the symptoms of the Dragonsplague reach a terminal stage, a devastating calamity will result, but the veracity of those claims is unclear.

Vocational Master’s Degree

In your travels, you will encounter vocation masters who have mastered their chosen vocation to the fullest. By deepening your relationship with and gaining approval from a Vocation Master, you can access their Vocation, or you may be granted special tomes that teach higher-order skills, the “Master’s Teachings.” The fighting master, Lennart, has long served in the fortress town of Melve. With his exceptional swordsmanship and leadership skills, he has held the fortress together to protect the land from the Dragon. Meanwhile, mystical spearmaster Sigurd hunts dragons for his own personal reasons. He is a calm man with an inquiring mind, and constantly trains to improve his fighting skills and his unique style. Previously, Luz, master of deception, was the Oracle of the court of Vermund, and is currently in exile for fear of her life for speaking out against the false Arisen who took the throne.

Dragon’s Dogma II is scheduled to be released on March 22 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC via Steam.

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