February 28, 2024
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Sony Interactive Entertainment and Team NINJA Release Overview Trailer for Rise of the Ronin

Sony Interactive Entertainment and Team NINJA have released a four-minute overview trailer for the open-world action adventure game Rise of the Ronin. Get the latest details below.

Fighting like a Ronin

A variety of weapons are available to fight your enemies. In addition to Team Ninja’s signature swordplay, you can wield Japanese spears and ranged firearms, including foreign pistols. There are also hybrid Japanese-Western weapon options. Use the flamethrower-like Fire Pipe to roast groups and set flammable barrels on fire, or wield the bayonet to deflect leaves and counter rifle bursts. Choosing your combat style and taking into account your enemies’ weapons is key to gaining the advantage in battle. As Team Ninja fans know, timing is key in close combat. The new trailer shows an intense battle between swordsmen where stance selection, blocking and timed parries are essential to defeat enemies. You can also wield a versatile grappling rope to lure distant enemies during fights or make a stealth attack on an unsuspecting sentry. Players can also use the rope to launch themselves towards enemies and close the gap. Prepare to use every tool available to overcome the fearsome threats facing our destined Ronin.

Journey through Japan

There are many options available when touring late 19th century Japan. Your grappling rope is useful outside of combat for scaling roofs and other heights, allowing you to quickly gain the advantage. Riding a trusty horse also allows you to gallop across open fields toward mission objectives faster. The ingenious Avicula is one of the touring options we are most excited about at Team Ninja. This engineering marvel allows you to instantly deploy a lightweight set of wings, perfect for gliding through the air. Players can run across rooftops, grab onto a distant height, and deploy their glider into the air, using upward momentum to fly through the air. You can adjust your direction, speed, close your wings at any time and stealthily fall on unsuspecting enemies.

Player Choice

In addition to combat and traversal style choices, players can also impact the world of Rise of the Ronin with their actions during story missions. At one point in the new trailer, we see the player choose to help a character named Igashichi fight a group of hostile guards. This choice of help establishes a bond between these characters, allows players to get to know Igashichi more deeply, and unlocks other features of the game. You’ll be able to make these decisions with additional characters, like Ryoma Sakamoto, highlighted in a previous trailer. Who you choose to develop a relationship with impacts how the story unfolds. However, there are no disadvantages to joining one character at the expense of another. Consider it even more variety for your next game.

Rise of the Ronin It will be released for PlayStation 5 on March 22.

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