April 18, 2024
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ACQUIRE announces the release of CARDS RPG: The Misty Battlefield for PlayStation 5, Switch and PC

Developer ACQUIRE has announced that the roguelike strategy and deck-building RPG, CARDS RPG: The Misty Battlefield, will be released for PlayStation 5, Switch, and PC via Steam on May 23. In Japan, there will be a physical edition available for PlayStation 5 and Switch. First printing copies will include a digipak containing an 80-page art book and the official soundtrack. Pre-sales will open on February 7.

About the game This game combines roguelike deck building with strategy RPGs to create a new genre. Lead the Clausewitz Battalion on a fog-shrouded map, collect and strengthen cards to build the strongest deck, and fight enemies.

History On that day, a jet-black dragon descended upon the kingdom and, in the blink of an eye, destroyed everything. The 100 Years War… That was the name given to the ongoing battle between the 17 countries. It already seemed like an endless war, but the appearance of a single dragon changed everything. It was a “chimera” created from a dragon with no interest in human warfare and a human combatant. The enemy country Fahftania was creating a weapon that was not yet complete, and they could not succeed without significant sacrifices. However, Fahftania joined forces with the gigantic Hellmuth Brigade organization to sacrifice 1,000 of its citizens and create the largest chimera in history. They had acquired this overwhelming power, and no one possessed the ability to defeat Fahftania and the Hellmuth Brigade. Seth Arden, a scout with the Clausewitz Battalion, discovered that Fahftania was creating chimeras with the goal of conquering the world. Upon hearing this, Captain Vel Dina becomes enraged at his inhumane experiments. To stop these terrible heartless experiments, the Clausewitz Battalion sets out for Fahftania. However, they would soon discover that all of Fahftania is under the dominion of the Hellmuth Brigade…

Fountain: Gematsu

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