February 28, 2024
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Elden Pixels announces the release of A Void Hope for Switch and PC

Developer Elden Pixels has announced that the side-scrolling adventure platformer, To Void Hopewill be released for Switch and PC via Steam on February 29.

Game Description The city is collapsing, people are turning into shells of what they once were, a tormented couple struggles to distinguish nightmares from reality and it all started with… well, the strange thing is that we’re struggling to remember… A Void Hope is a short, immersive experience best enjoyed in a single session on a dark, rainy night. The game follows a couple trying to find a cure for an unknown affliction that seems to affect people’s memories, forcing them to venture into dark and dangerous streets and explore abandoned buildings in a collapsing city full of degradation detailed in the beautiful style retro pixel art inspired by Elden Pixels.

A Void Hope’s mysterious and captivating plot is complemented by puzzle-solving mechanics that require you to solve puzzles and find items as you traverse the city. There are also dangerous threats roaming the streets, but your goal is to avoid conflict in this narrative-focused adventure, where you untangle the threads of the unknown by exploring the secrets of the city’s physical space, along with the psychological space of your protagonists in in a hurry, it will be your main focus.

A Void Hope’s haunting aesthetic is enhanced aurally thanks to Elden Pixels’ collaboration with renowned synthwave artist Waveshaper, who previously worked on the Furi soundtrack. His soundtrack accompanies you throughout your journey, enhancing the haunting and evocative landscape at every step. The music combines with sound design by Little Nightmares audio designer Christian Björklund and a story by science fiction and horror writer Frida Windelhed to create a seductively chilling atmosphere that is as emotionally captivating as it is aesthetically pleasing.

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