February 28, 2024
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Aksys Games announces the release of Blazing Strike for PS5, PS4, Switch and PC this summer

Publisher Aksys Games and developer RareBreed Makes Games have announced that Blazing Strike will be released for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC via Steam this summer. Additionally, a limited edition will be available that will include a full-color art book, a double CD soundtrack, and a set of collectible character cards.

Game Description: Inspired by classic arcade fighting game series from industry greats like Capcom and SNK, the upcoming 2D fighting game from developer RareBreed Makes Games evokes the excitement and nostalgia of the pioneers of the 2D pixel art genre, incorporating a unique game system with modern mechanics. Blazing Strike features a four-button system with six normal attacks: light, medium, and heavy punches and kicks, as well as three defensive moves: block, guard, and parry. A Quick Trigger allows fighters to execute fast-paced attacks and moves, but using it will slowly drain the Trigger Meter, sending the character into a temporary state of stun. This allows players to execute exciting combos while managing the Trigger Meter. The game will include three game modes: Story Mode, Arcade Mode and VS Mode, with training, practice combat and online play via Persona AI, and online play powered by GGPO.

With a focus on fast-paced action and fluid gameplay mechanics, Blazing Strike promises to offer players an intense and exciting fighting experience. Fighting game fans will find Blazing Strike a unique combination of nostalgia and freshness, thanks to its homage to the classics of the genre and its innovations in game mechanics. Get ready to face intense and exciting challenges in the virtual ring!

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