February 28, 2024
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Aksys Games announces the release of otome visual novel Despera Drops for Switch in 2025 in the West

Publisher Aksys Games has announced that it will release the otome visual novel Despera Drops, developed by RED Entertainment, for Switch in 2025 in the West. Despera Drops was first released for Switch on November 30 in Japan.

Game Description: In the summer of 2028, Mika Amamine, studying abroad at a university in Bologna, Italy, visits Rome for a short trip with friends to celebrate the end of exams. However, during that trip, she encounters a murder incident and is subsequently arrested as a suspect. While she is being transported in a police vehicle, it suddenly overturns in an accident, freeing Mika along with six other criminals and all of them becoming fugitives. Mysterious attackers appear, targeting the unique “power” Mika possesses, and the group finds themselves pursued by both the police and the attackers. The secret hidden within Mika’s power, the identity of the attackers and the truth behind the murder incident that started it all… Can they unravel these mysteries and regain a normal life?

With an intriguing mystery and suspense plot, Despera Drops promises to offer players an immersive experience full of twists and surprises. Fans of the otome genre will find in this game a captivating story that will keep them hooked from the beginning to the end. Prepare to be immersed in a world full of intrigue and secrets as Mika and her companions fight for truth and freedom!

Fountain: Gematsu

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