April 18, 2024
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tinyBuild and Redemption Road Games announce Kingmakers, a new third-person strategy and shooting game

Publisher tinyBuild and developer Redemption Road Games have announced Kingmakers, a third-person strategy shooter where players travel back in time to a war-torn medieval era with an arsenal of modern weapons to change the course of history and save the future. The game will be released for PC via Steam in 2024.

An epic of action and strategy

Kingmakers takes players to a medieval version of England, where they will be tasked with changing the course of a bloody war and, if they’re lucky, preventing the apocalypse. Each battle runs as a fully real-time simulation, with thousands of soldiers fighting at the same time. Advanced artificial intelligence controls the decisions, path and loyalty of every soldier on the battlefield, providing an unprecedented level of combat and character fidelity.

A modern arsenal in an ancient world

Players will have the opportunity to use a vast arsenal of modern weapons in a medieval setting, from assault rifles and grenade launchers to attack helicopters and airstrikes. This contrast between ancient and modern weapons promises a unique and exciting experience.

Fight alone or cooperatively

Kingmakers offers the option to play solo or online co-op with up to three friends. Players can lead their own armies and band together to conquer enemy castles or defend allied fortresses against hordes of opponents.

Command your troops with strategy

Players will be able to seamlessly switch between combat and give orders at any time. With a game system that is easy to learn but full of strategic possibilities, you will be able to direct your troops, assign different units and carefully plan each move to achieve victory.

With Kingmakers, players can expect a unique gaming experience that combines the excitement of third-person shooters with deep strategy and medieval setting.

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