February 28, 2024
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BIOMORPH, the side-scrolling “Soulslike Metroidvania,” will launch on PC on March 4 via Steam

The game BIOMORPH, a side-scrolling “Soulslike Metroidvania,” will launch for PC via Steam on March 4, developer Lucid Dreams Studio announced. Later, it will be available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and Switch. You can now enjoy an extended demo on PC, lasting approximately one and a half hours. It features new monsters to defeat, a challenging boss battle, and “many secrets to discover.”

In BIOMORPH, players will immerse themselves in a vast and varied world, using their skills to solve puzzles, take on platforming challenges, and fight deadly monsters. What is distinctive about the game is the ability to take the form of defeated enemies to harness their powers, but with the caveat that each conquered creature can return with even more threatening abilities.

Players will upgrade their character as they explore vast areas around the city, collecting new skills, memories, and blueprints. As the story progresses, surprising and alarming truths about the hero’s origins will be revealed. An extended demo is now available for PC, giving players an exciting look at what awaits them in BIOMORPH.

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