December 2, 2023
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SUNSOFT to release Switch version of 16-player roguelike action game Ikki Unite in 2023

SUNSOFT has announced that it will release a Switch version of the 16-player roguelike action game, Ikki Unite, in 2023 in Japan and early 2024 worldwide. This version will include the possibility of cross-play with the existing version for PC (Steam). Although no further details have been revealed, fans can expect an exciting cooperative gaming experience.

What is Ikki Unite?

Ikki Unite is a game that was previously known as a “bad game” (kusoge) but now returns with a new opportunity to join and enjoy. The story takes place during the fall harvest season, a time to celebrate the fruits of hard work. However, a plague of locusts ravages the land and the town finds itself in trouble due to the tax collectors’ demands. The only solution is to start a rebellion to recover the rice and protect the town. This time, they are not alone, as the game allows up to 16 people to join together.

Casual online cooperative game

Ikki Unite is presented as one of the most casual online cooperative games, with simple controls and satisfying gameplay. Players must cooperate with each other, dodge bullets, and defeat enemies while collecting items. The ultimate goal is to head towards the Daikan Yashiki and face the roguelike action, but this time, in unity!

With this exciting news, fans of roguelike action games and the Nintendo Switch can look forward to a unique and challenging gaming experience in 2023 (in Japan) and early 2024 (worldwide).

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