July 22, 2024
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Sony Interactive Entertainment Acquires iSIZE to Drive Innovations in Video and Streaming

Sony Interactive Entertainment has signed an agreement to acquire iSIZE, a London-based company specializing in deep learning for video delivery, according to the company’s official announcement. “iSIZE builds AI-powered solutions to deliver bit savings and quality improvements for the media and entertainment industry,” said Ueli Gallizzi, senior vice president of Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Future Technology Group, in a statement. “The acquisition provides (Sony Interactive Entertainment) significant experience in applying machine learning to video processing, which will benefit a variety of our research and development efforts, as well as our video and streaming services.”

Founded in 2016, iSIZE has a team of engineers and technical experts who have developed a suite of video optimization software solutions. This includes an AI-based perceptual preprocessing solution that enables conventional third-party encoders to produce higher quality videos at a significantly lower bitrate.

Implications for Innovation in Video and Streaming: Sony Interactive Entertainment’s acquisition of iSIZE highlights the company’s focus on continuously improving the quality and efficiency of multimedia content delivery. iSIZE’s expertise in artificial intelligence and video processing will provide a significant boost to Sony’s research and development efforts, as well as its video and streaming services.

Statements from those involved: Ueli Gallizzi said the acquisition will strengthen Sony Interactive Entertainment’s ability to apply machine learning to video processing, which will have a positive impact on various aspects of the company.

iSIZE Background: Since its founding in 2016, iSIZE has been at the forefront of creating artificial intelligence solutions to improve efficiency and quality in video delivery in the media and entertainment industry.

Expectations for the Future: The acquisition represents a strategic step for Sony Interactive Entertainment as it seeks to continue leading innovation in the video game and digital entertainment space. iSIZE’s expertise is expected to contribute significantly to the development of advanced technologies to enhance users’ experience in Sony video and streaming services.

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