April 18, 2024
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Go Fight Fantastic!: An exciting cooperative action game comes to Steam on March 26

The cooperative action game Go Fight Fantastic! will be released for PC via Steam on March 26, publisher Kinda Brave and developer Dinomite Games announced. To celebrate the announcement, the currently available demo has received a major update with new content.

“Go Fight Fantastic! captures the spirit of teamwork and cooperation, something we highly value in our team,” Kinda Brave CEO Alexander Benitez said in a press release. “Embark on a journey through incredible environments, with intense encounters and mysteries to solve. Whether you choose to play alone or with a group of friends, with the cast of imaginative friends and enemies in Go Fight Fantastic!, you’ll never be alone!”

Game Description:

In Go Fight Fantastic!, go through the six-chapter Story Mode with friends or solo, with intuitive character-swapping mechanics to quickly navigate challenges. Whether teaming up to save Planet Bird from an alien invasion or testing individual prowess in Horde mode, players will be immersed in exciting gameplay, with opportunities to compete for high overall scores.

Each of the game’s four playable characters features a unique set of skills and playstyle, representing the Tank, Healer, Attacker, and Archer classes. As players delve into this epic adventure, they will be mesmerized by the beautiful hand-drawn world of the Bird People, engaging in deadly encounters and epic boss battles across six distinct biomes. Each game promises new experiences.

Dynamic randomization ensures diverse landscapes, enemy encounters, and upgrade options, allowing players to hone their combat skills. Eager fans can try out the updated and polished demo now as part of the Steam Remote Play Together event, which runs until February 19. During the event, players will have the opportunity to view a Developer Stream that will reveal an exclusive, previously unreleased replay of Chapter Two of the game.

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