April 18, 2024
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Silent Hill: The Short Message exceeds two million downloads

Konami announced that Silent Hill: The Short Message It has exceeded two million downloads. This new Silent Hill experience was released for PlayStation 5 via the PlayStation Store as a free download on January 31. It managed to exceed one million downloads on February 5.

The game offers a unique experience in the Silent Hill saga. Anita, guided by messages from her friend Maya, finds herself in a dilapidated apartment block, notorious for rumors of suicide. As she progresses, her sense of reality crumbles as she encounters strange spaces and twisted monsters. Maya’s message was clear: “you can’t leave until you find it,” but what is Anita really looking for?

This is a completely new, modern Silent Hill experience, powered by the latest in gaming technology, now available for free and exclusively on PlayStation 5. Silent Hill: The Short Message offers players a unique immersion in horror and the mystery that characterizes this iconic franchise.

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