April 18, 2024
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Crema and GGTech Studios announce Temtem: Swarm, a roguelike action game

Developers Crema and GGTech Studios have announced Item: Swarm, an exciting roguelike action game that combines the strategic combat elements of Temtem with the frenetic gameplay of classic survival games. The game will launch first on PC via Steam in Q3 2024, followed by unspecified consoles at a later date.

Survive the swarm of Tems

In Temtem: Swarm, players will face relentless swarms of Tems as they unlock powerful abilities and upgrades, find and collect Tems to evolve and become stronger, discover unbeatable strategies, and take on massive bosses in this exciting bullet heaven with roguelike mechanics. Players can enjoy solo play or online co-op with up to three players, building the wildest synergies.

Key game features

  • United to survive the swarm: Up to three friends can take on the relentless swarms of Tems together. Strategize, share resources (or not!), and defeat increasingly powerful bosses. Maximize your attack potential by coordinating gears and abilities with precision, creating unbeatable synergies.
  • Epic boss battles: Conquer each stage by defeating challenging mini-bosses and formidable stage bosses with devastating abilities. Strategize and demonstrate your skills against powerful Tems such as Gharunder, Yowlar and Nessla. Only the bravest will be victorious!
  • Unleash unstoppable ultimates: You have incredible power at your disposal. Choose when to harness your Tem’s full potential and unleash devastating attacks, defensive abilities or power-ups to help you and your friends clear the map in one fell swoop.
  • Evolve to resist: Adaptation is the key to survival and your Tems are built for it. Collect XP after defeating enemies to level up, become stronger, and unlock your final evolution! Each evolution brings with it massive improvements to your abilities and strength.
  • Discover all the items: Collect and capture every available Tem to unlock their powerful traits and unique abilities. Experience the magic of each Tem and master them in both solo and co-op modes to rise to the challenge!

With Temtem: Swarm, players can expect an exciting and challenging gameplay experience that combines the best of Temtem combat with the intensity and unpredictability of classic roguelike and survival games.

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