April 18, 2024
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Robi Studios announces “Solar Raiders”: an electrifying bullet hell roguelite for PC in 2025

Blue Fire developer Robi Studios has announced the release of an exciting new game called “Solar Raiders” for PC (Steam). This game, a fast bullet hell roguelite, will arrive in 2025, and players can now try a demo available.

“Solar Raiders” promises to take players on an exciting cosmic adventure, where they must gear up, grab their weapons, and embark on a daring heist. Whether alone or with friends, the objective is to overcome dungeons full of enemies and steal the Solar Core. Players will be able to loot, unlock powerful abilities, create unstoppable builds, and be prepared to die trying.

Key features of the game include:

  • Third person movement: Jump, slide, wall run, grapple and more in this fast-paced platform and shooter game.
  • bullet hell challenge: Dodge a hail of bullets as you unleash chaos on screen.
  • Four-player cooperative game: Embark on a cosmic quest alone or online with friends.
  • Dungeon exploration– Discover and loot ever-changing intergalactic locations in an attempt to steal the Solar Core.
  • Unique and replayable runs: Guns, flamethrowers, grenade launchers, ice rays and… bubble blowers? Create unstoppable combos by mixing crazy weapons, perks and abilities.
  • roguelite experience– Gear up, make friends with criminals, and unlock permanent Hub upgrades between runs.
  • Vibrant and fun art style: You have been kidnapped by the Big Boss and forced into a mission to steal the Solar Core. Unleash destruction in this fun and vibrant universe.
  • Character customization: Express your creativity and create your space raider to your liking by choosing skins, emoticons, stickers and more.

With such an exciting proposition, “Solar Raiders” promises to offer an experience full of action and fun for players looking for an exciting adventure in space.

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