April 18, 2024
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New Metroidvania-style game, Venture to the Vile, launching on May 7 for PC

Publisher Aniplex and developer Cut to Bits have announced the release of a new Metroidvania-style game called Venture to the Vile. The game will be available for PC via Steam starting May 7, priced at $24.99. Subsequently, it is expected to arrive on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 at the end of 2024.

About Venture to the Vile:

The game presents a world where darkness has taken over, transforming people and items into something eerie and unrecognizable. Players will immerse themselves in narrative missions as they search for their missing best friend, Ella.

The game world is dynamic, with changes based on the time of day and weather conditions, which affects the gameplay experience by opening up new questions, unexpected upgrades, new enemies and new narratives to discover.

Become the monster:

A unique feature of the game is the ability of players to absorb darkness, gaining power but at the cost of transforming into something grotesque and powerful. As players become more like the darkness they fight, they gain impactful abilities that enhance their progress in the game and their ability to defeat enemies.

Rich story, dynamic world and quirky characters:

Players will immerse themselves in a rich narrative full of charm and memorable characters, such as mad scientist Dr. Crow, bumbling thieves Mr. Finch and Mr. Dove, and town gossip Ernie Sparrow, among others.

Innovative puzzles:

In addition to narrative and action, Venture to the Vile features innovative puzzles that challenge players’ logical skills, inviting them to explore and discover every corner of the game world.

Set to launch in May on PC and later on PlayStation consoles, Venture to the Vile promises to offer an immersive and mystery-filled gaming experience for fans of the Metroidvania genre.

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