April 18, 2024
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Wild Bastards: An exciting hybrid strategy and first-person shooter game coming to consoles and PC in 2024

The long-awaited gameWild Bastards” will be released for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and Nintendo Switch along with its previously announced version for PC (Steam) in 2024, as announced by publisher Modus Games and developer Blue Manchu.

Developed by the experienced team behind titles like Void Bastards and Card Hunter, Wild Bastards takes you on a journey from planet to planet to recruit, manage and take on a team of 13 outlaws, each with their own weapon, special power and growth tree.

On the planets, you will face a world of looting and confrontations that develop into intense and frenetic shootouts. The Wild Bastards used to be the deadliest gang in the galaxy until a gang of Puritan tycoon Jebediah Chaste eliminated one after another of the outlaws. Faced with their own mortality, the two remaining members have teamed up with the Wanderer, a mysterious sentient spaceship, to find and resurrect the deceased gang members as they flee to the mythical Homestead.

Key Features:

  • Exciting first-person combat – Prove that you are the best gunfighter by shooting a variety of enemies in intense gunfights.
  • First-person tactical combat – Use your wits to outwit cunning enemies that use cover, flank you, and employ a variety of special moves, from teleportation to poisonous spikes.
  • Management of 13 outlaws – Recruit and manage a gang of 13 outlaws, each with their own weaponry, gimmick, personality, relationships, and skill tree.
  • Strategic decision making – Evaluate the terrain, enemies, and features of each planet before selecting which raid members you want to send there. Collect items, level up, and carefully use special locations to tip the balance in your favor.
  • Constantly changing and lawless galaxy – Explore procedurally generated sectors and planets with variable parameters such as gravity, terrain features, weather and more.
  • Challenge Mode – After completing the main campaign, a challenge mode is unlocked that offers a sequence of sectors with increasingly difficult levels and mutators to modify the gaming experience.

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