July 23, 2024
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Ornstein and Smough in Dark Souls, who managed to defeat them?

Ornstein and Smough are two of the most iconic and challenging bosses in “Dark Souls“, a game known for its high difficulty and punitive mechanics. These two bosses represent a highlight in the game, where players must simultaneously face two very different adversaries in combat styles, in the cathedral of Anor Londo.

  • Dragonslayer Ornstein: Ornstein is agile and fast, capable of launching attacks at high speed and with great range. His golden armor and gigantic spear are distinctive, and he is known as the dragon enforcer.
  • Executioner Smough: Smough is Ornstein’s counterpoint, slow but incredibly powerful. He uses a gigantic hammer capable of crushing players with a single blow. His appearance is intimidating, with armor that seems designed to maximize terror in his enemies.

The battle

The fight against Ornstein and Smough is notable because the player must manage two very different enemies at the same time, each with their own set of attacks and moves.

Meaning in the Community

Specific details about who was the first to accomplish this feat are not well documented publicly since the game’s release in 2011. PC.


Ornstein and Smough have left an indelible mark on video game culture, often cited as one of the toughest and most rewarding encounters in video game history. Their legacy lives on in how players discuss difficulty in video games, and they continue to be a point of comparison for bosses in other games.

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