May 29, 2024
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Donkey Kong Country is the NEW ATTRACTION of Super Nintendo World

Introduction to Expansion: Donkey Kong Country is the expansion that will increase the current size of the park by 70%, introducing a series of new attractions and experiences based on the beloved Nintendo franchise.

Featured Attractions: One of the main attractions will be the “Mine-Cart Madness” roller coaster, which promises to emulate the exciting mine cart experience from the Donkey Kong games. This will be a family roller coaster that will include jumps and stunts similar to those found in video games.

Interactivity and Immersive Experience: In addition to the roller coaster, the new area will offer interactive experiences, where visitors can feel like they are inside the world of Donkey Kong.

Cultural and Economic Impact: The expansion not only seeks to increase the park’s capacity and improve the visitor experience, but also boost tourism and create jobs, significantly contributing to Japan’s local and national economy. This new area promises to be a point of attraction for visitors from around the world, highlighting the global influence of video game franchises on popular culture (Universal Destinations & Experiences)​.

Creative Collaboration: The development of Donkey Kong Country on Super Nintendo World is the result of a collaboration between the creative teams at Universal and Nintendo, including legendary figures such as Shigeru Miyamoto. This partnership ensures that the new attractions are not only authentic and faithful to the video games, but also push the boundaries of what can be done in a theme park.

Expectations for the Opening: With opening scheduled for 2024, expectations are high and anticipation is growing. Universal Studios Japan and Nintendo are preparing an experience that promises to surprise and delight both new visitors and long-term fans of Donkey Kong and the Nintendo universe.

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