May 29, 2024
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Eternal Strands the FIRST promising TRAILER for 2025

Eternal Strands is an action and adventure game developed by Yellow Brick Games, which stands out for its focus on the manipulation of elements and a reactive environment. Here are the key details about the game:

Atmosphere and Gameplay

  • Protagonist and Powers: You play as Brynn, a warrior known as Weaver, who has the ability to manipulate elements through a magical cloak called the Mantle. Brynn uses this power to alter her surroundings, for example she can use a cold snap to freeze surfaces and create bridges or start fires during a heat wave to combat enemies.
  • Interaction with the Environment: The game introduces an innovative system where temperature and natural elements play a crucial role. You can use fire skills to ignite the dry environment or ice skills to overcome obstacles and enemies.

Combat and Exploration

  • Giant Enemies: Brynn faces colossal enemies, known as Arks, which she can scale and attack at weak points. This dynamic approach to combat is complemented by the ability to use the environment to his advantage, such as uprooting trees with telekinesis to use them as projectiles.
  • World Exploration: The game promises a rich and expansive world full of secrets. Brynn’s ability to physically interact with almost every surface and use her powers to discover hidden paths promises a densely interactive and rewarding exploration experience.

Development and Launch

  • Developer Studio: Yellow Brick Games, founded by industry veterans like Mike Laidlaw (formerly of BioWare), focuses on delivering a novel gaming experience that encourages player creativity. The game is scheduled to launch in 2025 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC​ (Eternal Strands | home)​​ (VGC)​.

Eternal Strands promises to be a unique gaming experience, with a focus on creativity and environmental interaction that seeks to revolutionize the action-adventure genre. For more details, you can follow the updates about the game through its official page on Steam and on video game news sites like.

fountain: Game Informer, Gematsu​.

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