May 29, 2024
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Rocket League and its EVOLUTION with Championship Series 2024

Evolution of esports in Rocket League: This year, Rocket League has implemented open qualifiers, allowing for more inclusive competition and distributing prizes even among the top 128 teams in North America​.

Transformation in Rocket League Esports

Change to Open Qualifiers

In a notable shift for 2024, Rocket League has adopted an open qualifier system for its Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS). This change allows any player, regardless of their previous professional status, to compete for a spot in the tournament. This approach democratizes the selection process, opening the door to a greater diversity of talents and strategies in the game.

Impact on Tournament Structure

The adjustment in the tournament structure has also modified the distribution of the monetary prize. Although the total prize amount has decreased, it is now distributed among the top 128 teams in North America, ensuring that more players are compensated for their skill and effort. This more inclusive awards scheme encourages broader participation and could boost skills development more generally in the community.

Impacts on the Community

The transition to open qualifiers has been welcomed by the Rocket League community. Players appreciate the opportunity to compete on a larger stage without traditional barriers to entry. Additionally, this system encourages greater competition and collaboration between players, as emerging teams can take on established players, learning and adapting through direct experience in high-level competition.

Future Perspectives

The evolution of esports in RL suggests a promising future for the game and its competitive scene. By enabling greater inclusivity and offering new opportunities for competitors, Rocket League is setting a precedent for how other titles could structure their own competitive events to foster a more inclusive and competitive environment.

This more inclusive and equitable approach to esports not only enriches the experience for players, but can also serve as a model for other games interested in expanding their competitive reach.

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