May 29, 2024
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TwitchCon Europe in Rotterdam will take place at the end of JUNE

Opening of TwitchCon Europe in Rotterdam

TwitchCon arrives in Europe

This year, TwitchCon Europe is based in Rotterdam, marking an exciting chapter for the event that celebrates streamer culture and the Twitch community. Scheduled for June 29 and 30, this convention promises to be a crucial meeting point for influencers, fans and professionals in the video game and streaming sector.

Event Features and Activities

TwitchCon Europe in Rotterdam will offer a wide range of activities including panel discussions, live gaming sessions, meet-and-greets with famous streamers, and esports competitions. In addition, it is expected that there will be spaces dedicated to education on best practices in streaming, personal brand development and how to maximize content monetization.

Community Impact and Networks

The event not only serves as a celebration of streaming culture, but also provides an invaluable platform for networking. Attendees from across Europe and beyond will have the opportunity to connect in person, exchange ideas, and strengthen relationships within the digital community. Face-to-face interaction with thought leaders and peers can inspire and motivate participants to raise their own ambitions and projects.

Expectations and Future

The choice of Rotterdam as a venue reflects the growing recognition of the importance of Twitch and streaming in global popular culture. With the expansion of TwitchCon into new territories, it reinforces Twitch’s vision of fostering a broader and more diverse community, while adapting to emerging trends in digital entertainment.

TwitchCon Europe in Rotterdam is set to be a memorable event, packed with learning, entertainment and networking opportunities, further cementing Twitch’s position as a central platform in the world of online entertainment.

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