July 22, 2024
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Xbox update: Play in the cloud with your Mouse and Keyboard

Xbox’s recent update for May 2024 brings a long-awaited feature: keyboard and mouse support in its cloud gaming service. Here are the key details of this update:

Update Details:

  1. Keyboard and Mouse Support:
    • Compatible Platforms: Support is implemented for games in web browsers (Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome) and in the Xbox app for PC.
    • Availability: The feature will become available progressively, allowing players to use these peripherals in 25 initial titles.
  2. Instructions for Using Keyboard and Mouse in the Cloud:
    • In Web Browsers:
      1. Visit xbox.com/play.
      2. Sign in with your Microsoft account.
      3. Select a game that supports keyboard and mouse.
    • In the Xbox App for PC:
      1. Open the Xbox app.
      2. Select a game with the keyboard and mouse support badge.
      3. Use the keyboard and mouse as you would in a traditional PC game.
      4. You can switch between the keyboard and mouse and the controller by pressing any key on the keyboard or the Xbox button on the controller.
  3. Benefits:
    • Game Flexibility: Players can choose between using a controller or a keyboard and mouse depending on their preferences, enhancing the gaming experience, especially in titles that require precision and speed.
    • Game Compatibility: Games that support this feature will offer an experience similar to playing on a PC, which is ideal for strategy games, shooters and other genres where precise control is essential.

Implications and Future:

  • Expansion of Functionalities: This update is part of Microsoft’s ongoing efforts to improve its cloud gaming service, offering players more options and better accessibility.
  • Impact on the Gaming Experience: Keyboard and mouse support may appeal to a broader audience, including gamers who prefer these peripherals for certain types of games.

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