July 22, 2024
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Marvel’s Midnight Suns FREE on the Epic Games Store, when?

“Marvel’s Midnight Suns”, the popular strategy and role-playing game based on characters from the Marvel universe, will be available for free on the Epic Games Store next week. This announcement has generated excitement among players, as the game will replace “Chivalry 2” as the weekly free title on the platform.

Game Details

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is developed by Firaxis Games, the same creators of the “XCOM” series. The game combines elements of turn-based strategy with a deep and immersive narrative, centered on an alliance of superheroes and supernatural characters from the Marvel universe. Players can control iconic characters such as Iron Man, Wolverine, Doctor Strange, and many others while facing enemies such as Lilith, the Mother of Demons.

Date and Availability

The game will be available for free on the Epic Games Store starting next week, replacing “Chivalry 2.” Players will be able to download and keep the game at no cost during the promotional period, representing a great opportunity for those who have not yet experienced this title.

Reactions and Expectations
The news has been well received by the gaming community, who are excited for the opportunity to add “Marvel’s Midnight Suns” to their game libraries at no additional cost. These types of promotions not only increase the visibility of the game, but also attract new players who may not have considered purchasing it previously.

How to Get the Game
To download “Marvel’s Midnight Suns” for free, users must have an Epic Games Store account. Once the game is available, they simply have to visit the game page in the store, add it to their cart and check out without any charge. The game will remain in your Epic Games Store library forever.


Marvel’s Midnight Suns joins the list of featured games that the Epic Games Store has offered for free, continuing its strategy of attracting players to its platform. This promotion offers Marvel fans and strategy game lovers the opportunity to enjoy a unique and exciting gaming experience at no cost.

For more details about this promotion, visit the Epic Games Store.

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