July 22, 2024
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LEGO Horizon Adventures A new LEGO game is near

LEGO Horizon Adventures: A new LEGO game, known for its parody and accessible tone, although with a shorter duration compared to other titles in the saga

LEGO Horizon Adventures: A New LEGO Game


LEGO Horizon Adventures is the latest installment in the popular LEGO video game franchise. This game stands out for its parody and accessible tone, offering a different experience from previous installments. Below are the most relevant features of the game, its release date and what players can expect.

Release date

The LEGO Horizon Adventures game is scheduled for release on July 15, 2024. Fans of the franchise are eager to explore this new adventure that promises to be fun and accessible for all ages.

Parodic and Accessible Tone

LEGO Horizon Adventures adopts a parody tone, meaning players can expect humor and satirical references to other video games and elements of pop culture. This feature makes it especially attractive to a wide audience, as it offers a relaxed and entertaining gaming experience. Additionally, its accessibility makes it suitable for both veteran players and those new to the series.

Game Duration

One of the most notable differences about LEGO Horizon Adventures compared to other installments in the series is its length. While previous LEGO games could span many hours due to their complex plots and multiple missions, this new installment offers a shorter experience. However, this shorter length does not affect the quality of the game, as it is designed to be a concise but complete adventure, ideal for players who prefer shorter experiences.

Gameplay and Features

The game maintains the classic mechanics of LEGO games, such as building objects and solving puzzles. However, it introduces new dynamics that refresh the gameplay, maintaining the player’s interest. In addition, the possibility of playing in cooperative mode continues to be one of the pillars, allowing friends and family to enjoy the adventure together.

Graphics and Design

LEGO Horizon Adventures features enhanced graphics, with a visual design that combines classic LEGO brick aesthetics with detailed, vibrant landscapes. This mix of styles provides a pleasant and engaging visual experience for players.


LEGO Horizon Adventures is an exciting addition to the LEGO franchise, combining humor, accessibility and a shorter duration without compromising quality. Set to release on July 15, 2024, this game promises to be a fun experience for players of all ages, while maintaining the charm and gameplay that has made the LEGO series famous. The combination of parody humor, accessible gameplay and improved graphics ensures that it will be one of the most memorable installments in the saga.

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