October 2, 2023
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The RPG ‘Wandering Sword’ will be released in September

Publisher Spiral Up Games and developer The Swordman Studio have announced that the Wuxia-style RPG “Wandering Swordwill be released for PC via Steam on September 15.

Here is a summary of the game provided by Spiral Up Games:

As a young martial artist, players travel through ancient China to escape their enemies. On their way, they will meet new people and forge new friendships. They will take part in missions to help the weak and resolve misunderstandings, while also strengthening their skills as a martial artist to finally make their mark on China’s Wuxia history.

The Wuxia genre is characterized by its focus on martial arts, adventure, and epic stories. Wandering Sword promises to provide players with an immersive experience in this genre, allowing them to immerse themselves in the culture and settings of ancient China while unlocking martial skills, interacting with memorable characters, and facing exciting challenges.

The launch of Wandering Sword on Steam on September 15 will offer players the opportunity to explore a world filled with mystery, action, and rich storytelling. With its focus on the Wuxia style, the game promises to capture the essence of the genre and provide an exciting and unique experience for fans of RPGs and martial arts stories.

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