October 2, 2023
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Roguelike Action Game IRA Leaving Early Access and Releasing October 3

Publisher Nicalis and developer ABShot have announced that the roguelike action game, GONNA, will leave Early Access and launch for PC via Steam, Epic Games Store, and GOG on October 3 for $19.99. The game was first released in Early Access via Steam on August 31, 2021 and is currently priced at $15.99.

In IRA, players take on the role of a young girl named Yeon, who bravely fights against the forces of Chaos by channeling the power of an ancient god and his apostles. Her main task is to locate the scattered pieces of the powerful Wrath crystal, as rebuilding it is the only way to defeat Chaos and restore peace. Players can attack by shooting arrows from any of 150+ different bows and can gain many different types of upgrades, both active and passive.

Developed by South Korean studio ABShot in collaboration with Nicalis, IRA is a unique anime-inspired shooter with procedurally generated levels and random weapon drops, ensuring a different experience every time it is played. Key to the game’s appeal are the hypnotic “bullet hell” patterns of enemy (and boss) attacks, whose projectiles vary in movement type, frequency, visual appearance, speed, size, effects and destructive power. To survive, players must quickly assess its intricate web-like geometry, look for the brief gaps between bullets, and counterattack before the bullets overwhelm them.

This exciting release is sure to be well received by lovers of roguelike and bullet hell action games.

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