July 23, 2024
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Sylvio: Black Waters, the third chapter of the first-person horror series, will arrive in 2024

Publisher DreadXP and developer Stroboskop have announced the release of Sylvio: Black Waters, the third title in the first-person horror series. This immersive atmosphere game will take players to an enigmatic alien planet where ghosts from the past hold clues to its secrets. The release is planned for early 2024 on unspecified consoles and PC.

Sylvio: Black Waters presents an unknown world that bears a disturbing resemblance to Earth. Players will discover a mysterious device that will allow them to communicate with spirits. One of the whispers emanating from the device comes from a man named Lee, who claims to be the only survivor of this place. By tuning into the disembodied voices of those who once inhabited this world, players will piece together a fascinating story about how this place came to be. Answers about the past and possibly the future await as players delve into the absolute darkness at the heart of this world.

Sylvio: Black Waters is the third game in this original series that began with the acclaimed Sylvio in 2015, a title nominated for Best Original Game at the 2015 TIGA Awards, listed as one of the best horror games by PC Gamer and praised by Rock, Paper, Shotgun as a “triumph.” Fans of the series can expect a multifaceted narrative with the chilling atmosphere they love, as well as new gameplay mechanics and inventive physics-defying puzzles.

The arrival of Sylvio: Black Waters in 2024 is exciting news for lovers of first-person horror and followers of this unique series. Get ready to immerse yourself in the mystery and horror of a new chapter in this alien world!

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