February 28, 2024
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PQube and Crazy Goat Games announce Republic of Pirates, a pirate strategy and building game for PC

PQube and Crazy Goat Games have revealed their next title, Republic of Pirates, a city-building and real-time strategy game with a pirate theme. The game will be available on PC through Steam and Epic Games Store, with a release scheduled for 2024.

Game Description: Republic of Pirates transports you to the heart of the Caribbean during the Golden Age of Piracy, where your mission will be to establish a pirate utopia. Build a resource-based economy, grow your population, engage in real-time naval combat, and navigate complex diplomatic relationships with rival superpowers as you seek ultimate fortune and glory.

In the Golden Age of Piracy, bold adventurers seek fortune on the high seas, while black-sailed raiders stalk Spanish galleons returning from the New World. Privateers or privateers, driven by their “letters of marque,” ​​reap the profits of war thanks to their influential patrons. At the center of this ruthless world lies the Pirate Republic, a powerful league of pirate clans united by their shared ambitions and a code of honor.

Featured Features:

  • Establish an outpost on a remote Caribbean island and turn it into a thriving pirate settlement.
  • Build production buildings, such as sugar plantations and rum distilleries, to farm and refine resources.
  • Recruit talented captains and build a powerful fleet before setting out to conquer the seas in real time.
  • Engage in naval combat, plunder merchant ships, clash with rival pirate clans, and liberate islands to add to your growing republic.
  • Navigate complex diplomatic relationships with influential trading companies and outmaneuver the global superpowers of the time.

Republic of Pirates promises to deliver an immersive experience where players will forge their own pirate destiny as they build and expand their republic in this exciting Caribbean setting during the Golden Age of Piracy.

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