April 18, 2024
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Ares Announces Sengoku-era Romance Visual Novel Hakkenden Releasing for Nintendo Switch This Fall in Japan

Publisher Ares has announced that it will release the Sengoku era romance visual novel, Hakkenden, developed by IRODORI, for Nintendo Switch this fall in Japan. Hakkenden was first released for PC on January 26 in Japan.

In Hakkenden, set in the Sengoku period, where people fervently fight wars over a small piece of land, the story of washing blood with blood is told. In the Kanto region, in the small mountains, even after autumn has ended for some time now, the crimson leaves still bloom, and the blossoming and falling of these crimson leaves seem to continue forever. At first, everyone wonders, but their suspicion gradually disappears. After a while, influential people of the time named this era “Kowa.” With the leaves slowly spreading throughout the region, a small cult that worships the crimson leaves, called Shuukyou, has arisen among the people. Time passes and now it is Kowa’s eighteenth year. When the unfortunate destinies of those who live in this difficult world become intertwined, the end of an era begins.

The Nintendo Switch adaptation promises to bring the captivating story of Hakkenden to a new audience of gamers. Releasing this fall, Japanese players will be able to immerse themselves in this exciting world of romance and conflict during the Sengoku era.

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