April 18, 2024
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Devolver Digital announces the release of third-person puzzle shooter Children of the Sun

Publisher Devolver Digital and developer Rene Rother have announced the release of the third-person puzzle shooter Children of the Sun for PC via Steam on April 9. This exciting game promises to offer a unique and challenging experience for players.

Game Description:

In Children of the Sun, players take on the role of THE GIRL, who, burning with rage, wages a one-man war against THE CULT, taking them down cultist by cultist, bullet by bullet, until she reaches her true target: THE LEADER. Along the way, he will discover the dark truth about this mysterious order and the atrocities committed by them in the name of his master.

In this tactical third-person puzzle shooter, players control a single bullet, guiding it through increasingly complex and challenging levels to kill cultists, activate traps, and reshape the environment. Every shot counts and ruthless precision is rewarded. Taking down THE CULT is deeply satisfying; do it with even more style.

Key Features:

  • Plan your approach: The game combines tactical sniping, puzzle solving, and light stealth to create a third-person shooter like no other. You only have one bullet to complete each level, but you can re-aim on impact, curve around obstacles, speed up to pierce armor, and more to make that crucial shot really count.
  • Ritual murder: Immerse yourself in a dark and twisted tale of revenge as you hunt down the nefarious CULT. Children of the Sun accompanies its unique single-shot action with an evocative, mystery-filled story that unfolds as you take revenge on the people who made your life hell and relentlessly pursue the enigmatic LEADER.
  • Kill, kill and kill again: Children of the Sun is lethally replayable by design. There are multiple solutions for each level, encouraging creativity and experimentation, with a satisfying scoring system that rewards precision and efficiency. Then, you can check the online leaderboards to see how you stack up against your friends and the rest of the world.

With its unique focus on tactical combat, challenging puzzles, and an immersive narrative, Children of the Sun promises to deliver an exciting, action-packed gaming experience for fans of the genre.

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